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Nice to meet you!
I'm Albert

A 21-year-old UX/ UI designer born and raised in China, and now studying Human-Centered Design at Cornell University.

I have a passion for design in all its forms, with a special emphasis on transforming intricate challenges into engaging, user-friendly experiences.

I thrive on social engagement, I enjoy exchanging ideas, insights, and stories. Outside of work, my interests include travel, hiking, skiing, and cooking with friends. I'm also a proud owner of three cats.

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My Friends

Frame 392444152.png

Boat Tour

Frame 392444153.png

Hotpot Time

Frame 392444154.png

After Performance

My Cooking

Frame 392444151.png

Seafood Pasta

Frame 392444150.png

Pineapple Fried Rice

Frame 392444149.png

Pork and Green Pepper Stir-fry

My Cats

Frame 392444146.png


Frame 392444148.png


Frame 392444147.png


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